REST APIs & AJAX Operations Using Node, Express, and jQuery

Christian Hur – August 5, 2020 – 3 hours 17 minutes

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Learn How to Create Basic REST APIs and Exchange Data Between Clients & Servers via AJAX Using Node, Express, and jQuery


This introductory course covers the following technologies: synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript, the event-loop cycle, REST APIs, AJAX, CRUD, HTTP requests, client-server communications. The best approach to know and understand these technologies and their unique role works is by immersing yourself with coding exercises. In this course, we’re going to demystify each of these technologies by creating two applications so you will see exactly how they work. You’ll learn how to make AJAX calls with various HTTP request methods to perform CRUD operations.

This course takes the following approach:

First, we’ll learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript event loop and how asynchronous works.

Next, I walk you through step-by-step how to create a simple Node.js application using Express.js, the most popular server-side JavaScript framework. Together, we’ll create our own APIs to perform basic CRUD operations on the server side (back-end).

Finally, we’ll switch over to the client side (front-end) and build a clean single page Web app (SPA) using only HTML/CSS/JS and jQuery. We’ll deep dive into front-end development and making AJAX calls between our client app and server app.

By the end of this course, you will have a better and deeper understanding how to create your own REST APIs, how asynchronous and AJAX work, and why they’re so important in modern Web applications.


This course is intended for:

  • Beginner web developers who are curious about full-stack Web development using Node and Express.
  • Developers who are new to creating REST APIs and making AJAX calls.


✳️ Section 1

  • 1.1 Course Overview
  • 1.2 Installing Node.js and Visual Studio Code
  • 1.3 Installing WebStorm IDE

✳️ Section 2

  • 2.1 Single Threaded JavaScript
  • 2.2 The Event Loop
  • 2.3 Ticks and Cycles
  • 2.4 JavaScript Web APIs

✳️ Section 3

  • 3.1 Introduction & Requirements
  • 3.2 Creating a Node/Express.js Application
  • 3.3 Creating the GET APIs
  • 3.4 Creating the DELETE APIs
  • 3.5 Creating the POST API
  • 3.6 Creating the PUT API

✳️ Section 4

  • 4.1 Introduction and requirements
  • 4.2 Creating the Landing Page
  • 4.3 Creating the CSS Stylesheet
  • 4.4. Form Design Concepts
  • 4.5 Creating the Web Forms
  • 4.6 Creating the getDeleteForm() Function
  • 4.7 Creating the postPutForm() Function
  • 4.8 Loading Web Forms Using jQuery

✳️ Section 5

  • 5.1 Introduction and requirements
  • 5.2 Creating the Books Table
  • 5.3 Making GET Request Using AJAX
  • 5.4 Processing JSON Data
  • 5.6 Making DELETE Request Using AJAX
  • 5.6 Making POST Request Using AJAX
  • 5.6 Making PUT Request Using AJAX

✳️ Section 6

  • 6.1 Creating Options for AJAX Calls
  • 6.2 Making GET & DELETE Requests with jQuery.ajax()
  • 6.2 Making POST & PUT Requests with jQuery.ajax()
  • 6.2 Non-Blocking Using async Property

✳️ Section 7

  • 7.1 Final Thoughts
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