Developing Business Applications for the Web: with HTML, CSS, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET, and JavaScript.

By Laura Ubelhor and Christian Hur / 2017 – Get your copy here:  Amazon and MC Press


Books about Web development abound—but few, if any, explain the topic from a business application developer’s point of view. Developing Business Applications for the Web: With HTML, CSS, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET, and JavaScript is the book business developers have been waiting for. Written by business developers and educators for business developers, this book bridges the gap between website and business application programming, giving developers the knowledge they need to build Web browser front-end applications that let users interact with business data.

Developing Business Applications for the Web focuses on six Web development technologies commonly used to develop business applications. The book starts by introducing business developers and students to HTML and CSS, the building blocks of a business website. After exploring these fundamentals, the book delves into other key Web technologies: JavaServer Pages (JSP), PHP, ASP.NET, and JavaScript. Throughout the book, readers learn concepts and techniques through an example browser-based business application that lets a business’s external and internal customers access enterprise data via the Web.

Using this guide, professional business programmers and students—even those with little or no Web development experience—will quickly acquire the knowledge and skills essential for developing and deploying robust, data-driven, Web-based interfaces for business applications. Guided by authors and experienced business developers Laura Ubelhor and Christian Hur, you will become familiar with popular Web development technologies and learn to use them to build applications that do real business work.

Upon completion of this book, you will:

  • Be familiar with HTML and other common tools necessary to deploy robust, data-driven, Web-based business applications.
  • Discover how other technologies interact with HTML to present enterprise data and provide an agreeable user experience.
  • Include HTML, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET, and JavaScript in your application development skill set.
  • Know all the components required to develop and deploy business Web applications.
  • Understand common Web development tools and how they fit within a complete business Web application.

Praise For

Developing Business Applications for the Web

“As an IT professional, I see the value in forward-thinking developers and business analysts, who are prepared to take their company to the next level. Laura and Christian have created a unique book that outlines a logical process for Web development in today's challenging Web environment. Students will find that this book easily traverses the skills required to create an effective Web interface, access databases, and provide valuable business applications.”
Lisa Bock
Computer Information Technology
Assistant Professor Pennsylvania College of Technology
“A great overview of business application Web development. Experienced application developers on enterprise systems can use this text to get started with the different Web technologies … the book pulls it all together. It is also a great resource for young IT professionals just getting started in business application development. The book can be used by seasoned IT managers to help them understand the complexities of developing Web applications for their business.”
“An intelligent resource for any serious business-minded Web developer.”
Charles Guarino
President, Central Park Data Systems
“Today’s successful business developer must be well-versed in both Web development skills and in how to connect these skills to dynamic business environments. Developing Business Applications for the Web addresses both of these vital components by providing technical coverage of a vast array of development tools while keeping the focus on real-world business applications. “Get down to business” with Developing Business Applications for the Web!”
Char Parker
Computer Information Systems
Instructor Muskegon Community College
“Business developers now have a step-by-step guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, and can complete their learning with the exercises provided. The journey to developing business applications for the Web starts with this book.”
“Developing Business Applications for the Web provides a great way to learn how to take business to the Web with exercises and examples to guide you through the process. It not only teaches basic Web development skills, but also how to take existing business applications to the Web to reach a broader audience. A great starting point for developing business Web applications!”
Amanda Walsh
Senior Programmer/Analyst (IBM i and Web developer)
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