About Me

I am a Web instructor and author.  I obtained my master’s in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Web Application Development from Boston University.  I also teach part-time at Boston University – Metropolitan College (MET) and University of Irvine – Continuing Education.  My career in Web development spans over 25 years, and I’ve taught computer programming and Web development courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In industry, I’ve built many Web sites and Web-based applications using various Web technologies throughout my career. 

Please check out my works on LinkedIn Learning, Packtpub.com, E-C Council (codered.eccouncil.org), Udemy, Coursera, and MC Press.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, exploring new web technologies, filmmaking, learning AR/VR and game development, and contributing to Stack Overflow and Quora.

I know there are thousands of talented instructors and coders out there, so I truly appreciate your support and interest of my work.  Thanks for visiting.



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