About Me

🟧 I’m a Web instructor, author, and indie filmmaker. My career in web technologies spans over 25 years and my areas of expertise are web, software, and mobile application development. I have built websites and web-based applications using various web technologies throughout my career. I co-founded a production company to develop apps and produce movies.

🟧 I teach computer programming and web development at Gateway Technical College (School of Manufacturing, Engineering, & IT), at Boston University (MET CIS Masters Program), and at the University of California, Irvine – Division of Continuing Education (Full Stack Web Development Program).

🟧 In addition to my work as an educator and industry expert, I have authored courses for several e-learning platforms, including LinkedIn Learning, Packt, Udemy, E-C Council, and MC Press.

🟧 I also host a YouTube channel where I regularly post free tutorials: ▶️ youtube.com/christianhur

🟧 Our independent film production and distribution company “Hmong Films Entertainment” (HmongFilms.com) is where we produce low-budget awesome features.

🟧 I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Capitol Technology University.

I know there are thousands of talented instructors and coders out there, so I truly appreciate your support and interest of my work.  Thanks for visiting.



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